Sly Stone

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Sly Stone
Sly Stone
Sly Stone performs with the Family Stone in 2007.
Background info
Full name Sylvester Stewart
Birthday/Birthplace (1943-03-15) March 15, 1943
Denton, Texas, United States
Genre(s) Funk, rock, soul, psychedelia
Profession(s) Singer, songwriter, musician, producer
Instruments Vocals, organ, guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, harmonica
Active Years 1952–present
Record Labels Epic Records, Warner Bros., Cleopatra
Worked with Joe Piazza and the Continentals, The Viscaynes, Sly and the Family Stone
Official Website

Sly & amp; The Family Stone was a band from San Francisco, California, USA. UU led by the composer, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sylvester Stewart (better known as Sly Stone).

Sly & amp; The Family Stone is considered one of the fundamental bands to understand the birth and development of funk, at the level of James Brown and Parliament. His opening work towards other genres such as rock, psychedelia, soul, rhythm & amp; Blues or pop make it one of the most important groups, not only of funk, but of the whole history of popular music.

On the other hand, his classical training comprised black and white members alike, and women in the same way as men, so it is the first multiracial band, composed of musicians of both sexes, which achieved a massive success at national and international level.

The band remained active in two stages. The first, undoubtedly much better known, coincided with his golden years and lasted 9 years, from 1967 to 1975, during which he published 7 albums. The second, which runs from 1975 to 1983, includes 4 albums and was starring, exclusively, by Sly Stone, while the rest of the band members had been, well replaced, well relegated to a secondary level.

In 2010, they occupied the forty-third place (43rd) of the 100 Great Artists of the Rolling Stone Magazine, in addition, three of their albums are included in the list made by the same publication of Los 500 best albums of all time. In 1993 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sly Stone’s Biography


Sly & amp; The Family Stone was born in San Francisco as a result of the merger between two groups: the first, led by Sly Stone, was called Sly & amp; The Stoners, while the second, whose leader was instead Freddie Stone, Sly’s brother, was called Freddie & amp; The Stone Souls. The result was a formation, with the brothers Stone (Freddie, guitar and Sly, keyboards), Gregg Errico (drums), Cynthia Robinson (trumpet), which was joined shortly after by Larry Graham (bass) and the gospel group Little Sister, composed by the sister of Freddie and Sly, Vaetta, along with Mary McCreary and Elva Mouton, who acted as choristers. All this happened in 1966.

Precisely this year, because of the great success of the first single,Is not Got Nodoby, Sly & amp; The Family Stone received an offer from the multinational CBS, with which he published his first work, A Whole New Thing (1967), which was from the first moment praised by critics, although it could not be considered a sales success. < / p>

Seeing the group’s potential to become the first to break through the barriers of rock music, r & amp; b and pop, Sly & amp; The Family Stone went to work on their next single, Dance To The Music, whose success was much greater and reached number 8 on Top 100 Billboard. Then, the complete Lp was published, also titled Dance To The Music (1968). Shortly before its recording, a new Sly Stone sister, Rose, joined the group.

The album Dance To The Music was a modest success, but it helped to extend the band’s fame as one of the most exciting concert bands of the moment.

Soon after, a new job appeared on the market, entitled Life (1968), which did not meet the commercial expectations created by his previous work. However, both critics and other musicians agreed to consider it another masterpiece.

1969: Stand! and massive success

At the end of 1968, Sly & amp; The Family Stone released the single Everyday People, which became their first number 1. Along with the B-side, Sing A Simple Song, this album served as advance for the new album, published five months later, whose title was Stand !. With more than three million copies sold, he launched the group to fame, also spreading its irresistible image, with musicians of all races and sexes, messages of peace, love, tolerance, very much in line with the hippie period that was closing ; all this seasoned with an irresistible music of root soul and funk, but contaminated with an endless number of influences, from rock to blues, from pop to jazz; and all this through a complex and elaborate psychedelic prism.

This great success made Sly & amp; The Family Stone were invited to play in the first edition of the Woodstock music festival in August 1969, which would eventually become, probably, the most important musical event in history. His performance, in the opinion of many among the highlights of the festival, provided direct contact with a new generation of young people, who fell at the proposal of the group.


The success of Stand! caused a profound imbalance within Sly & amp; The Family Stone. On the one hand, the group, especially Sly, received a lot of pressure to re-direct the band to more openly black positions, to the point that the Black Panthers demanded the dismissal of white musicians. On the other, the members of the group, and again especially Sly, began to depend each time on the use of drugs, which negatively affected the creative and musical process of the band, which since the publication of Stand! In 1969 until the end of 1970, he edited only one single, composed by Everybody Is A Star and Thank You. This last song will popularize the exclusive technique with bass by Larry Graham, which would be known as “slap” . The fracture between the different musicians began to become an abyss, a situation aggravated by Sly’s decision to protect himself by bodyguards with supposed criminal antecedents. Tired of this increasingly unsustainable situation, drummer Gregg Errico decided to leave the band in early 1971.

In the fall of ’71, the single Family Affair, an antidote to the impending There’s A Riot Goin ‘On, was published and ranked number one, catapulting the entire album directly to the top of the list. In spite of the general tone of the disc, much darker than the previous works of the group, the great successes Runnin ‘Away and Family Affair triggered the sales and the popularity of the group. It is noteworthy that the simple Family Affair, is considered the first popular theme to have the sound of a drum machine (in this case, the patterns of a Master Rhythm King 1 ), anticipating in technology model of the black dance music that would come years later, like disco, hip hop and house.

The crisis after 1972

However, this new success did nothing but aggravate the extremely delicate situation of the group and the unstable mental health of Sly. New frictions between members, increasingly serious, led to the departure of bassist Larry Graham, one of the pillars of the group’s sound.

In 1973, Sly & amp; The Family Stone released the album Fresh. With a sound much more nude, but rhythmically more complex, the album did not respond to the expectations of the public and critics, despite the great success of the simple If You Want Me To Stay. Its continuation, titled Small Talk, was published the following year, in 1974. The reaction was even worse than that received by his previous work, which, together with the increasing reluctance of the promoters to hire the group for performances in direct, caused the dissolution of the group in 1975.

Sly solo (1975 – 1983)

After the dissolution of the band, Sly Stone continued to record and publish new works, despite the fact that at no time did he reach the same level of success he had during the late 60s and early 70s.

In 1975, he released the album High On You, under the name of Sly Stone, while in the following work, Heard You Missed Me, Well I’m Back (1976) regained the group’s name, Sly & amp; ; The Family Stone, although it was a merely nominal event given that, in practice, Sly was still playing all the instruments.

The low sales of both albums led to its change of seal, from Epic to Warner Bross, which debuted in 1979 with Back On The Right Track. Parliament’s stamp partner, Sly embarked on several tours with the group of George Clinton, with whom he began the preparation of his next record. However, problems between Clinton and Warner stopped the recording process, which Sly could not or could not continue. In fact, the album, called Is not But The One Way (1983), was completed by the producer.

After this new failure, Sly disappeared from the public scene, coming and going sporadically from rehabilitation clinics to combat his dependence on drugs.

Subsequent recognition

Even though Sly & amp; The Family Stone reached an enormous success during the late 60’s and 70’s, its presence diminished much later, falling almost completely into oblivion. The new musical trends, far from the funk practiced by Sly and his, along with the reputation of unprofessional band and known for their problems with drugs, which was won during his last years, caused this abandonment.

However, as with many funk artists, the 90s, brought with it a rapprochement of new fans, through hip hop. In fact, several songs from the repertoire of Sly & amp; The Family Stone has been recycled through sampling by artists such as Beastie Boys, Janet Jackson, Public Enemy, Fatboy Slim, Arrested Development or Ice Cube, among many others.

In 1992, Sly & amp; The Family Stone were included in the Rock & amp; Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2007, Legacy, the Epic subsidiary where their albums were published until 1979, has reissued and remastered all their albums, adding new songs and texts. As a result of this renewed interest in the group, Sly Stone decided to return to the stage after almost 25 years of absence, on the occasion of a world tour. However, the great expectation caused by this event has not been completely satisfied by the performances of the group, considered to be well below the expected level.

Sly Stone Net Worth – $150 Thousand

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