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Sindel is the name given to the queen of Edenia in the fictional world of the videogame saga Mortal Kombat. Like every inhabitant of Edenia, Sindel possesses magical abilities. Some of his skills are the ability to levitate and manipulate acoustic waves and re-direct them at will.

Sindel’s Biography

Once ruled the Outworld next to Shao Kahn as its queen. Now, 10’000 years after her untimely death, she was resurrected on Earth. Its evil purpose is to match the tyranny of Shao Kahn. She is the key to the occupation of the Earth.

Special movements

  • Fulgor sphere : tilt of the body in which it narrows its power by releasing from the mouth an expulsion of blue and purple power.
  • Aerial Glare Sphere : only applicable when you remain in the air, and raising your arms you will launch your Glare Sphere in a diagonal direction.
  • Levitation : impulse through which she ascends and raising her arms stays suspended in mid air.
  • Sonic Scream : tilt of the body in which it narrows its power by screaming but dominating the sound waves by trapping the opponent.


  • Skinner scream : performs the Sonic Scream, but this time it includes a force such that the opponent’s body will lose its skin, leaving only a skinned body.
  • Creeper Hair : Your hair extends in an extraordinary way, this hair will completely cover the opponent and then move it away causing a turn that will leave the opponent with only his fallen bones.
  • Friendship : a whistle blows, a soccer ball falls and when it appears it kicks it, it raises its arms and it cries Come on!
  • Babality : a baby with horrible characters, has long hair, incomplete clothing, but does not yet have the wristband and goes barefoot.
  • Animality : transformation into a giant phosphorescent wasp, approaching the opponent will move while it bruises the opponent’s body, will carry it until it leaves the screen, then appears below the screen.
  • Brutality : used from UMK3. Combo of eleven strokes by which it implodes the body of its opponent in remains and puddles of blood. In the MK9 what he does is grab with his hair, kick in the pelvis and break the ligament of the knee.


Sindel receives visions of his true past and turns against Shao Kahn. She discovers that her true king was called Jerrod. They once had a daughter named Kitana and they ruled a kingdom called Edenia, before Kahn will take it using his own Mortal Kombat. He uses Sindel as a pretext to enter Earhtrealm and took Kitana as his own daughter. But by defeating Shao Kahn, Sindel frees Earhtrealm. Doing this, she also releases Edenia and reunites with her 10,000-year-old daughter, Kitana.

Mortal Kombat Deception


“Once again, Edenia was invaded by someone from Outworld, Onaga, the Dragon King, filled my kingdom with Tarkatas warriors and locked me in my own prison, and to add insult to injury, my daughter Kitana was enslaved by some method And now he watches over me, and I can not attack her to free myself … Thanks to the Elder Gods, Jade did not share the shame I have to face Kitana Jade and I escaped to Outworld to find out everything about Onaga I do not know what the King was looking for Dragon in Edenia, but I suppose it will be related to Shao Kahn, if the information that the emperor left behind is still preserved, it can generate chaos I have never seen before … I can not save my daughter until I know everything about Onaga “

  • Fight styles: Zha Chuan and Fu Jow Pai.
  • Weapon: Kwan Do


  • Sonic Scream: remake of the MK3 Fatality in which Sindel screams with all his strength, destroying the opponent.
  • Chopper: Sindel throws the enemy into the air and begins to spin his Kwan Do on his head, the opponent falls on the shattering.
  • Hara-Kiri: Sindel jumps and falls head-first and undresses.


Onaga could have easily defeated Sindel and Jade, but he took the boldness to send Kitana to finish them. Fatal error: Jade fought with Kitana while Sindel nailed his Kwan Do in the heart of a corpse, then by means of a spell Drawn the soul of Onaga towards the corpse, which came to life and began to writhe in pain. Sindel kept the Kwan Do in the heart of the corpse so that Onaga would not regenerate and fall dead. With the Dragon King annihilated, Kitana freed herself from mental control and returned to her mother’s side, bringing peace once again to Edenia’s kingdom.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Sindel fled with Jade to a hidden region of Outworld three the battle against Onaga. He knew about the return of Shao Kahn and his alliance with the forces of darkness, Onaga (whose soul returned to its original form leaving the body of Reptile) included. He also learned that the Edenian army was under the control of Mileena, posing as Kitana and that she handed over command to Shao Kahn. The last option he had left was to defeat the elemental Blaze to have enough power to face the forces of darkness.

  • Fight style: Zha Chuan.
  • Weapon: Kwan Do
  • Main suit: MK Deception main suit, which is an adaptation of the MK3 suit.
  • Alternate costume: alternative costume from MK Deception.


With the divine power of Blaze, Sindel revived her husband, King Jerrod, ascending to the heavens and bringing his soul to Edenia. Both, together with Kitana, formed the Edenian Triad to protect the kingdoms.

Mortal Kombat 2011

Sindel was the queen of Edenia. Taken as wife by Shao Kahn after invading the kingdom and murdering her true husband, King Jerrod. Desperate for the situation, Sindel committed suicide, creating a magical barrier that prevented Shao Kahn from invading Earth. But thanks to the help of Quan Chi, the barrier was dissolved and Sindel was revived, but under the orders of the Emperor. In the story mode after reviving, Sindel allows Shao Kahn to claim her invading the Earth. To give him more power, the emperor drains the life of Shang Tsung, who has failed him several times, towards the queen. Sindel bursts into the cathedral where the warriors of the earth gathered, and in a display of power, and before the futile dissuasion of his daughter Kitana, he murders most of the warriors, including his own daughter. She is defeated by Nightwolf, who sacrifices her life taking the queen to her death. Sindel appears again in the Netherrealm as a living dead in the service of the sorcerer Quan Chi, but is defeated by Raiden.


  • Migraine: Sindel approaches the opponent’s ear and gives him a loud sonic scream which blows the opposite half of his head.
  • Bocon: Sindel concentrates the power of a sonic scream on his hands and puts it through the opponent’s mouth. By releasing that energy the enemy’s head explodes.
  • Babality: Sindel after transforming tries to levitate, but his powers are weak and he falls down on his buttocks. And when he cries, he does it with sonic screams.


“Sindel canceled the bond between Kitana and Mileena, bursting Mileena’s soul and erasing her image, Mileena was another woman, good, kind and above all, very beautiful, so she totally revenged herself on Shao Khan, who also burst the soul but in his case without reliving it The goddess of the tournament took a break and the hostess was Queen Sindel, leading by far the best fighter of all time.

Sheeva for her part was the one punished for all time. The gods named her that because her evil had no explanation. Different was the case of Mileena, which Sindel excused saying that Mileena was a villain only because of her mental condition.

Sindel left the soul of King Jerrod to rest after so much malice. The three boxers that had come to complicate Sindel were eliminated by the same for a beating. Thus, several characters received deserved titles according to the gods. Sindel took Frost’s soul and undid it.

Best fighter of all time … Sindel Punished of all times … Sheeva Discarded of all times … Kitana Rescued and rescued of all times … Mileena, Skarlet and Onaga

Skarlet cooperated with Sindel to destroy Shao Khan. The lady in Red repudiated Shao Khan for cursed fights on the part of the former King. D’vorah was imprisoned for 4,000 years.

Sonya, Jonnhy Cage, Cassie Cage (finally supporting Sindel), Jax, Sindel, Liu Kang and Kitana led the tournament for a long time being protected by Raiden, who took the place of the ancient god.

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