Richard M Stallman

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Richard M Stallman
Richard Matthew Stallman
Richard Stallman, 2014
Birthday/Birthplace (1953-03-16) March 16, 1953
New York City, New York, U.S.
Citizenship American
Other names RMS
College(s) Harvard University,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Profession(s) President, Free Software Foundation
Credit for Free software movement, GNU, Emacs, GCC, GPL, FSF
Awards Won
  • MacArthur Fellowship
  • ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award
  • EFF Pioneer Award
  • ACM Software System Award
Official Website

Richard Matthew Stallman (born in Manhattan, New York, March 16, 1953), often abbreviated as “ rms “, is an American programmer and founder of the movement for free software in the world.

Among his outstanding achievements as a programmer is the completion of the GNU Emacs text editor, the GCC compiler, and the GDB debugger, under the rubric of the GNU Project. However, it is mainly known for the establishment of a moral, political and legal reference framework for free software, a model of development and alternative distribution to proprietary software. He is also the inventor of the concept of copyleft (although not of the term), a method to license software in such a way that its use and modification remain always free and remain in the community of users and developers.

Richard M Stallman’s Biography

Richard Matthew Stallman was born in New York City in 1953, the son of Alice Lippman and Daniel Stallman, and his first computer experience was at the IBM Scientific Center in New York when he was in high school. He was hired during a summer to write a numerical analysis program at Fortran. He completed the work after a couple of weeks, and spent the rest of the summer writing a text editor in the APL programming language.Stallman spent the summer of his high school graduation writing another program, a preprocessor for the language of PL /1 programming in the IBM S /360.

During this time, Stallman was also a volunteer laboratory assistant in the biology department at Rockefeller University. Although he was already entering the career of physics or mathematics, his tutor at Rockefeller thought he might be a biologist in the future.

MIT artificial intelligence laboratory

In 1971, while a freshman in Physics at Harvard University, Stallman became a hacker in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In the 1980s, the hacker culture that was Stallman’s life began to dissolve under the pressure of commercialization in the software industry. In particular, other AI laboratory hackers founded the Symbolics company, which was actively trying to replace the free software of the Lab with its own proprietary software.

Between 1982 and 1983, Stallman alone doubled the efforts of Symbolics programmers to prevent them from acquiring a monopoly on the lab’s computers. By then, however, he was the last of his generation of hackers in the lab. He was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and to carry out other actions that he considered betraying his principles. On September 27, 1983 Stallman announced in several Usenet newsgroups the start of the GNU project, which sought to create a completely free operating system.

GNU Initiative

The initial announcement of the GNU project followed, in 1985, the publication of the GNU Manifesto, in which Stallman declared his intentions and motivations to create a free alternative to the Unix operating system, which he called GNU (GNU is not Unix), pronounced similarly to ñu, in English (hence the logo-drawings that represent it). Soon after, he founded the non-profit organization Free Software Foundation to coordinate the effort. He invented the concept of copyleft, which was used in the GNU General Public License (generally known as the “GPL”) in 1989. Most of the GNU system, except the kernel, was completed at approximately the same time. In 1991, Linus Torvalds released the Linux kernel under the terms of the GPL, completing a complete and operational GNU system, the GNU /Linux operating system.

Stallman insists on the use of the term «free software», and not open source, because the important thing is the user’s freedom that is lost. It also seeks to use GNU /Linux and not only Linux when talking about the operating system. For Stallman, free software does not mean free and considers that proprietary software should not be used in teaching.

The person

Richard Stallman’s political and moral motivations have made him a controversial figure. Many influential programmers who agree with the concept of code sharing differ with moral stances, personal philosophy or the language Stallman uses to describe their positions. One result of these disputes led to the establishment of an alternative to the free software movement, the open source movement.

That companies have a special influence on politics means that democracy is sick. The purpose of democracy is to ensure that the rich do not have an influence proportional to their wealth. And if they have more influence than you or me, that means that democracy is failing. The laws obtained in this way have no moral authority, but the ability to do harm.

Richard Stallman

Stallman has an unpaid position as a researcher at MIT, has declared himself to be “an atheist of Jewish descent” and often carries a button that says “Accusations to God.” Denies being a anarchist despite his caution of some laws and the fact that he has “vigorously defended the privacy of users and his own vision of software freedom”.

Stallman disguised as St.IGNUcius , a «saint of the Church of Emacs », his halo is an ancient hard disk.

Stallman refers to mobile phones as “portable surveillance and tracking devices” and says that he refuses to own a cell phone until there is one that runs completely on free software. It also avoids the use of a key card to enter your office, since these systems keep track of every place and time someone enters the building. With the exception of a few websites related to your work in GNU and the FSF, you usually do not surf the web directly from your personal computer in order to avoid being connected to your browsing history. Instead, use wget or similar programs that retrieve the content of web servers and then send the content to your email.

His careless image and extravagant manias have made him the target of numerous jokes and jokes, coming to appear in comic strips.

Currently, Stallman is responsible for spreading the ideology of Free Software throughout the world through talks and conferences. He speaks Spanish fluently and has given numerous conferences in Spanish-speaking countries. During his talks he appears with a second personality that corresponds to San Ignucio with which he usually blesses the computers of people as part of a joke

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