Paul Gilbert

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Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert
Gilbert performing with Mr. Big in 2011
Background info
Birthday/Birthplace (1966-11-06) November 6, 1966
Carbondale, Illinois, United States
Genre(s) Instrumental rock, heavy metal, hard rock, power pop, neoclassical metal, speed metal, progressive metal
Instruments Guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion, harmonica, drums
Active Years 1983–present
Record Labels Universal Japan, Shrapnel
Worked with Racer X, Mr. Big, Black Sheep, G3, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Yellow Matter Custard, The Electric Fence, stOrk
Official Website Official website

Paul Brandon Gilbert is an American guitarist. Born on November 6, 1966 in Carbondale, Illinois. He started playing the guitar at age 5, and at 15 he appeared in Guitar Player magazine with Yngwie Malmsteen. In 1984 he moved to Los Angeles to study at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), becoming an instructor a year.

His influences range from Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen to others not so common for a guitarist of this style, such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Ramones.

He is considered one of the fastest guitarists in the world, so he was chosen in the top ten in a survey by Guitar One magazine. He not only stands out for his skill in the electric guitar, but also performs with the acoustic guitar at a high level, as shown in their albums Acoustic Samurai and Gilbert Hotel.

He has edited some video lessons, like Intense Rock – Sequences & amp; Techniques, Intense Rock II, Guitars from Mars, Guitars from Mars II and Terryfying Guitar Trip, where he demonstrates his skills as a guitarist and as an instructor, teaching him to play the guitar with a good sense of humor.

Among its most prominent students are Buckethead (Many thought that this was actually Paul Gilbert), Akira Takasaki. He has also taught at the GIT music academy in Japan and Los Angeles.

He was a member and founder of Racer X and Mr. Big. In 1996 he left the group Mr. Big (being replaced by Richie Kotzen) and began his solo career. He uses Ibanez guitars and has several models of his own, such as the PGM-301. Today he no longer uses guitars with floating bridge, because he prefers the sound of the rigid bridge and the natural vibrato.

He participated in Amazing Journey: A tribute to The Who, a series of three concerts honoring the band The Who, along with Billy Sheehan, Gary Cherone and Mike Portnoy.

In 2007 he participated in the famous G3 concert with John Petrucci and Joe Satriani, where he presented songs from his album Get Out of my Yard.

Paul_Gilbert’s Biography


Paul started playing the guitar at the age of five but soon left him discouraged. At the age of 11 he returned to self-taught and unorthodox way. He ended up attending classes, he corrected his technique and in a short time he would show signs of his virtuosity.

At the age of 14 he formed his first band called Missing Lynx in the city of Greensburg . They played together for two years and composed their own material. After that he joined the local band Tau Zero but soon after he left to go to California. It appeared then in the Guitar Player magazine next to a type in height: Yngwie Malmsteen.

Racer X

He trained in Los Angeles with the original lineup of Paul Gilbert (guitars), John Alderete (bass), Harry Gschoesser (drums) and Jeff Martin (vocals). Strongly influenced by Judas Priest and reminiscent of Yngwie Malsmteen’s style, they included Gilbert’s dizzying and technical solos.

In 1986 Gschoesser had to return to Austria for the expiration of his visa, and was replaced by Scott Travis, and Bruce Bouillet who was a student of Paul Gilbert in the GIT, was recruited by Paul after seeing his playing and how they sounded. his melodies playing together and he joined as a second guitarist. Bouillet was extremely skilled, since he had to complement Paul’s always difficult and demanding phrasings. Scott Travis would later be known for being the drummer of Judas Priest, and John Alderete for being the bassist of The Scream, and The Mars Volta.

Paul gained the prestige of being one of the fastest guitarists in the world, in part, thanks to his work on topics such as Frenzy, Scarified, Technical Difficulties and Scit Scat Wah. Gilbert left Racer X in 1988, although they eventually met in 1999, to do “Technical Difficulties”, “Superheroes”, “Getting Heavier” and the live “Snowball Of Doom- Live At The Whiskey GO GO”, but all of these without the participation of Bruce Bouillet. To date, it has not announced its dissolution. Paul has said in several interviews that he does not rule out a new album by Racer X, since it was the band he came from, and that he still loves, although he does not assure that it is the original line-up since they are all very busy with their parallel projects (Judas Priest, The Mars Volta, etc), on the other hand, Bruce was on tour with Paul in the G3 ’07, which gives hope of a possible return to Racer X.

Mr. Big

When Billy Sheehan left the group of David Lee Roth in 1988 he joined Paul Gilbert, who had just left his previous band Racer X. Together they founded Mr. Big with Pat Torpey on drums and singer Eric Martin. The group had a great success in Japan and became famous in 1991 with their second album Lean Into It, which includes the ballad To Be With You, widely broadcast in the media reaching number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Gilbert continued to play with Mr. Big until the late 1990s. He left the band in 1997 to start a solo career and was replaced by Richie Kotzen.

In the recital that took place at the House of Blues, on May 7, 2008, Paul gave a pleasant surprise to the public, by inviting Pat Torpey and then Billy Sheehan on stage, and they played the famous Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy, song in which a part of the solo is played, both on bass and guitar, with a drill with spikes stuck in the drill. From this recital, everyone realized the chemistry that was that night, and weeks later decided to call Eric Martin. This was kept secret until January 2009 when they announced the 20th anniversary reunion tour that began in Japan in June, and who knows where it will follow.

After finishing the European tour promoting his solo album Fuzz Universe, Paul has embarked on a new project with Mr. Big, the new album “What If …”, which hit the market on January 21, 2011 , with its corresponding world tour.

Influences and Style

Speaking of his influences, Paul mentions many different artists, including: Michael Schenker, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Iommi, Alex Lifeson, Jimmy Page, Robin Trower, Pat Travers, Judas Priest, Akira Takasaki, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss and The Ramones. Paul has stated several times that he was strongly influenced by his uncle Jimi Kidd, who was instrumental in keeping Paul interested in playing the guitar. He is also a big fan of The Beach Boys and The Beatles. On the Live Space Ship DVD, he states that George Harrison is one of his favorite guitarists. Guitar World Magazine was declared one of 50 of the fastest guitarists of all time in the world, along with Buckethead, Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Gilbert composes music in a wide variety of styles such as pop, rock, metal, blues, funk and European classical music, but perhaps he is best known for his speed and versatility. It has been noted in particular for its efficient selection and its tendency to choose many notes instead of relying too much on legatives for fast passages.


Paul Gilbert had his own section in the British magazine Total Guitar where he taught his guitar techniques on the accompanying CD. Even before that, he contributed didactic articles in Guitar Player magazine between the 80s and 90s. This collaboration period lasted 31 copies until November 2006. He also teaches guitar at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) and is dean of it at its headquarters in Japan.

In fact he lived a season in that country trying to learn Japanese from Marty Friedman who still lives there and speaks it fluently. One of its most successful students was Buckethead .


In May of 2003 he participated twice in a project called Yellow Matter Custard: a Beatles impersonating band consisting of Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, Neal Morse from Spock’s Beard and Matt Bissonette. It is available on CD and DVD. They took the name of the letter of I am the Walrus .

He joined together with Portnoy and Dave LaRue and Daniel Gildenlöw for a tribute to Led Zeppelin by a band called Hammer of the Gods in 2004 and again in September 2005 with Portnoy, Sean Malone and Jason MMaster in the tribute to the Rush group by Cygnus and the Sea Monsters. Also available on CD and DVD.

In 2007 Paul promoted his latest album Get Out my Yard, in which he visited other European cities in Bilbao. He also plans to participate in the G3 tour with Joe Satriani

Currently, Paul is touring the world promoting his latest album, Silence Followed By to Defeaning Roar, along with his wife, Emi Gilbert on the keyboard, Jeff Bowders on drums and Mike Szuter on bass. Starting in June he will embark on a new tour with his band Mr Big that will start in Japan.


Paul has special support for Ibanez brand guitars and uses copies of his PGM Signature series. His main guitar, at the moment, is an Ibanez of his new line of custom guitars, the Fireman. The Fireman line was designed by Paul in a hotel room using Photoshop, with which he turned an image of an Ibanez Iceman, added an extra cutaway and changed the finish.

The first Fireman that Paul had was the result of that Photoshop session. A guitar made of Korina, with mast through the body and with 22 medium frets, unlike the 24 jumbo fret that he used to have in his old PGM models. The mast of the first Fireman is very wide, something that Paul loves for the tone, but for the commercialized edition of the Fireman (not yet available) as well as for his own after the first one, he asked the luthiers of the Custom Shop of Ibanez make the mast “millimeter thinner”, in his own words, to make it a little easier to play without compromising quality.

At the popular request, 45 Fireman guitars were marketed in a pack with an authenticity seal signed by Paul, a strap (from Hippie Straps), spikes, a cable and helmets like those used by Paul on stage. Due to the high price of these (around $ 10,000) has taken place a massive demand from fans of a more economical series of Fireman, which are working right now, and presumably hit the market in summer 2011 as very early. This cheaper Fireman series will be based on the design of the cherry red Fireman, Paul’s new favorite guitar. The Fireman uses DiMarzio Injector pickups (designed by Paul), single-coils with extreme attack and clarity. These pills, as well as the Fireman, have been used entirely by Paul in the recording of his new album Fuzz Universe.

Paul has also released a pair of new signature pedals, the Airplane Flanger (AF-2) with Ibanez and the Fuzz Universe with Magikbox. The Fuzz Universe pedal is the result of integrating the circuits of the Body Blow pedal and the Magicbox Venom Boost in the same box, resulting in a great Overdrive / Boost pedal for rhythms and, of course, for shred.

Until relatively recently, I used Laney amplifiers, which I said had the “most natural valve distortion ever heard”. On his website he says that playing with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci was inspired to get closer to the sound of his own guitar and so he started using the Marshall amps from the Vintage Modern series.

He used to use ADA preamps to attack his Laney, although he now uses the Vintage Marshall mentioned above.

Paul Gilbert Net Worth – $4 Million

More Facts about Paul Gilbert

Net Worth Stats $4 Million
Born 1966-11-06
What He/She Does Director, Visual Effects, Editor
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