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Natasha Williams

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When Andrew Robinson suggests to his father that he hire a model to be the new face of PirateNet and this helps increase the benefits of the radio station, he accepts, shortly after the photo shoot Natasha meets Andrew. That same day when Andrew, Harry Ramsay and Summer Hoyland see Natasha hugging the new school principal they think she is his girlfriend, but Kate Ramsay tells them that in reality Natasha is Michael’s daughter, upon hearing this Andrew panics since he does not want to get into trouble with the new school principal, when he confronts Natasha, she tells him that he is nineteen years old and that his father approved his modeling.

The next day at school Kate introduces Natasha as a new student and soon after tells her that she lied to him about her age. When Michael finds out about the advertisements his daughter made, he gets upset and tells Andrew’s father, Paul Robinson to remove them, Paul refuses and decides to sue Michael and he retaliates and decides to do the same. Natasha begs her father not to sue Paul because he really wants to be a model and soon after Andrew and Natasha convince their parents not to sue. Later Andrew invites her to go out to a concert and they end up kissing at the end of the night.

When Natasha finds out that Andrew and Harry bet to see who was kissing before Summer, jealous tells everything however things do not go well and she and Summer end up fighting in school. When Paul asks Natasha if he wants to become the new face of the Lassiter’s hotel, Natasha begs her father to sign the contract, although at the beginning Michael disagrees at the beginning and ends up accepting the proposal.

When Natasha finds out that Summer was invited to a party and she did not, so she decides to take revenge on Summer and her boyfriend, Chris Pappas, Natasha starts saying at school that Chris threatened other students to vote for him as the captain of the basketball team, however everything goes wrong when his father finds out and puts her in detention. Annoyed that she did not manage to be the center of attention, she decides to do something on the day her father will meet with some members of the school, shortly after she gets the attention she wanted when everyone sees her kissing Andrew, which causes Michael to get angry. Things go out of control when Natasha slaps her father, after he refuses to listen to her, without a thief then they fix themselves.

Later when Libby Kennedy discovers that Natasha is very good at math and decides to join her to the math club as punishment, when Summer finds out about this she records Natasha and threatens to tell everyone her “secret”, this causes that Tash worries that Andrew leaves her to find out because he thinks he is with her just because of his appearance. Shortly after when Natasha discovers that Sophie Ramsay has problems with geometry decides to help her and becomes his tutor, however Sophie accidentally tells Andrew that Natasha is a genius in mathematics but this is delighted to know that his girlfriend is smart. When Summer finds out that everyone already knows Tash’s secret, she gets upset, but Natasha tells her that if she needs help with math she can help her.

Things start to go wrong when her campaign with Lassiter’s is canceled, shortly after she fights with Paul and later ends up with Andrew when he does not defend her. Shortly after Natasha starts dating Kyle Canning, when she learns that one of the students at the school is gay, she tries to discover who she is and is shocked when she discovers that it is Chris, Summer’s boyfriend.

After Paul’s accident, Tash begins to worry that Andrew was going to get into trouble with the police after Summer told him that Andrew had said he wanted his father dead, so he decides to lie and talks to a reporter and He tells her that she saw what happened, when Detective Mark Brennan goes to Tash’s house he warns her to stop lying. Shortly after Natasha and Summer become friends and together they help Andrew to find the true culprit of the accident of Paul and they obtain that no longer is considered guilty.

Shortly after when Tash learns that his father arranged an appointment with Ruby Rogers he gets upset and tries to sabotage her. When his father finds out what he did, he gets him a job at Charlie’s Bar as punishment. Later when Andrew and Summer fight in school after Summer defended her stepmother Stephanie Scully, who had killed Ringo Brown the husband of Donna Freedman after running over him, Tash decides to support her and later locks them in a room so that both talk and get ready.

When Natasha finds out that her father has another date with Ruby, she is not happy, but decides to stay with Ruby’s cousin, Poppy Roggers at home and watch movies. The next day Tash asks Summer to help her separate her dad from Ruby, but she refuses and when Ruby tells her that she is having a lot of fun with her father, Natasha is furious and tells her that she does not want her father to leave hurt by what Ruby breaks with him. However when he sees his sad father decides to talk to Ruby and asks him to talk to him, however things do not work out. The next day Tash steals Lucas Fitzgerald’s phone and sends a message to Ruby and Michael asking them to meet him at Charlie’s, believing that they are going to see Lucas both show up for the appointment and realize Natasha’s plan, both decide to talk and end up coming back. Little by little Tash accepts Ruby however the relationship ends shortly after when Ruby moves back to London with Poppy.

Shortly after Tash decides to organize a meeting at the school and becomes the chair of the committee, when she asks Andrew to help her with entertainment this ends up bothering Sophie to vote for him, when Tash realizes that Andrew wants to spend more time with Summer decides to steal the money from the party, because of this Michael is forced to cancel the dance and Natasha convinces Andrew to throw a party elsewhere, later Tash and Andrew return.

Shortly after Natasha decides to buy Summer a DVD player with the money she took from the party, however Summer does not accept the gift and then her father discovers that Tash was responsible for the theft of the money, when Michael asks for what did Natasha tell him he did because he loves Andrew and since he did not want to see him finish with Summer he decided to steal the money and go with him to another place, because of this Michael decides to suspend her one month of school and stops giving him money .

When Andrew faints at the party Natasha begins to suspect the feelings of Andrew and Summer, after recovering at the hospital Tash invites him to spend Christmas with her and he accepts. That same day when Natasha sees smoke coming out of the house of scared Summer she calls the firemen and her father before entering the house to rescue Summer. When Michael realizes that Tash entered the house, follows her and finds her lying in the dream, Michael takes her to Summer’s room where she and Andrew find themselves trapped. Minutes after the firefighters arrive and manage to open a window where they manage to escape, Natasha is taken to the hospital by inhalation of smoke and burns. After recovering Tash begins to worry about the burn that has a neck and hide it with handkerchiefs.

After going to the hospital to get a checkup visit Andrew, however when he does not want to kiss Natasha believes that it is due to the scar and leaves, when he gets home he starts crying, breaks the advertisements that He had done for the radio station and tells Donna that her modeling career ended. Before going to New York Donna realizes what happens to Andrew and tells her to tell Tash the truth that he does not want to be with her because the one he really loves is Summer.

At the end of March 2013 Natasha decides to leave Erinsborough with her boyfriend Andrew to travel through Europe.

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