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Kay Adams

Kay Adams’s Biography

She was born in 1924 in New Hampshire, and is the daughter of a leading American minister. In college, she would meet her future husband, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino), the son of mafioso boss Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando). She would be Michael’s girlfriend for a few months and then did not hear from him again, because Michael had to leave America, since he murdered police chief McCluskey and Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo, partner of the Tattaglia family, and rival of the Corleone family. Kay would try to contact Michael many times, but without success.

After Michael’s return, he again asked Kay to leave, and at the end he would agree. Mind you, Michael did not explain the secret marriage he had with an Italian girl during his absence. In 1955 Michael would be named the new “Don” of the Corleone family.

In the end Michael and Kay got married and after the death of Vito Corleone they moved their residence to “Lake Tahoe” in Nevada. They procreated two children Anthony (in 1951) and Mary (in 1953).

Kay felt isolated from her husband’s occupation of being a dangerous leader of organized crime. She would be pregnant again with a third child who was supposed to be a boy. In the year 1958, she would witness how some thugs shot their house with the intention of murdering her husband, but action that in the end they could not perform. Kay would be forced to stay at home without being able to go outside because of the danger that some enemies could harm her or her children.

Kay was always isolated and alone with her children, since her husband always took numerous trips (to “Las Vegas” to Cuba …). She continued with her pregnancy process, but she repeated many times in her head that if it was appropriate to bring a child to a family in which everything was destruction and crime, despite all the riches that they had.

In the trip that Michael made to Cuba, she decided silently, to abort her pregnancy, since she did not want to bring a child to a family where everything entailed many dangers. Later Michael would find out and did not know anything well, since he got to hit him, due to his frustration to see how his wife had prevented the birth of his son who was allegedly said to be male. Kay was less and less in love with Michael to a point that she decided not to continue living with him.try many times to take their children with her, but this prevented Michael on several occasions.

Finally, Kay and Michael would separate, but the custody of the children would be left by their father. In 1979, he would have a second marriage with a powerful man named Douglas, trying to forget the misfortune he had suffered with Michael.

Although the custody of the children was from Michael, Anthony and Mary constantly visited their mother, until they got to spend much more time with their mother than with their father.

Kay would see Michael again at the party he organized at his mansion in New York in 1979. After Kay and Michael would have a discussion about the future that his son Anthony wanted to take, he wanted to be a singer and not a lawyer (like he wanted his father). Finally, Michael agreed to let his son decide his future and Anthony would move to a singing class, to be able to enter an opera.

Michael invited Kay to Corleone, the birthplace of his late father. Kay, with some curiosity to know the place agreed to go with him, but she still felt nothing for Michael, although the two continued to see each other constantly and treated each other with mutual respect, even if they were divorced.

Kay and Micahel would stay in the old booth where Michael was staying during his stay there (where he had to go because of the murder he committed), and then the marriage that Michael had with a young Italian named Apollonia would come to light.

The two also attended together the premiere of the opera, in which his son Anthony would debut as a singer. That same night, they would later witness the hardest image of his life. An enemy thug from the Corleone family, he tried to kill Michael, but instead of shooting him, he would shoot his beloved daughter, Mary, who would die on the spot. Between tears, the two would lie before the body of his daughter, still unable to believe that he had died.

There has been no further description of Kay in other stories, except in the novel “The Godfather: Revenge,” in which it appears in a few fragments. It is known that Kay and Michael would be closer together after the terrible misfortune and that she would be separated from her second husband, Douglas. Michael and Kay would know that they would move together to Corleone, but it is not specified if they remarried or if they would fall in love again, or they were just together to spend their last days together, remembering happy times. In the year 1997, it is known that Michael Corleone, dies in his country house in Corleone, Sicily. It would be assumed (though it has not been said) that Kay would still be alive.

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