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Juan King was a sailor of Irish origin who had an outstanding participation in the armada of the Argentine Republic during his fight against the Empire of Brazil.

John_King’s Biography

Juan King was born on October 26, 1800 in Newport, province of Connaught, county Mayo, Ireland, son of Captain Miles King and Maria King.

He arrived in Buenos Aires in 1825 during the presidency of Bernardino Rivadavia and on the eve of the Brazilian War joining the Republican squad under Guillermo Brown on January 16, 1826 with the rank of second lieutenant in the boat National Congress commanded by Guillermo Mason.

That same year he married Sara MacGaw, daughter of Peter and Agnes MacGaw. Eight years later Sara gave birth to her first child, Myles, having four daughters: Inés, Enriqueta, Elena and Mariana.

Combat of Punta Colares.

With the boat Congress attended the Combat of Punta Colares (February 9, 1826), where his ship was the only one that supported the flagship action May 25, although on two occasions it was put to leeward separating from combat . As a result of his behavior, between February 26 and March 12, 1826 he served as second on board. During that period he participated in the attack on Colonia del Sacramento in which Congress suffered 17 casualties.

Separated the new captain Enrique Guillermo Parker by illness, [Note 2] King was in charge. He participated in the attack on the frigate Nictheroy (April 27 and 28) and the battle of Banco de Ortiz (May 2). On May 12 he was promoted to lieutenant and returned as second commander. He participated in the combat of Los Pozos on June 11, 1826 and on the second day of the combat in Quilmes (July 30).

Between October 26 and December 7 of that year he joined Brown’s maritime cruise on the coasts of Brazil.

He fought in the great Argentine victory over Brazil at the Battle of Juncal (February 8 and 9, 1827). Then he went to the brig Republic, flagship of the Argentine Navy under the direct command of Guillermo Enrique Granville, with whom he participated in the battle of Monte Santiago on April 7 and 8, 1827, where the Republican squadron faced a much greater enemy force suffering important losses.

In that battle, having beached in the bank of Monte Santiago the Republic and the Independence, the Sarandí, of smaller draft, remained as support in front of the attack of the Brazilian fleet, very superior in number, consisting of a frigate, two corvettes, five brigantines, one lugre, eight schooners and one patache, 63 cannons and ships immobilized against 230 enemies.

Along with the Sarandí, the Republic was the flagship during the battle (Brown went from one vessel to another), so he concentrated the firing of the numerous Brazilian fleet.
Its commander Granville received a serious wound in the left arm, that had to be amputated, reason why King like second was for the practical effects in charge of the ship.

The Independence was ignited, finally the Republic had to be evacuated and set afire, of which Lieutenant King took charge. La Sarandí took advantage of the arrival of the night to repair minimally his faults (his entire case was riddled with bullets) and, taking the survivors of the lost ships, he was able to return to Buenos Aires.

Combat of Monte Santiago.

On May 8, 1827, King requested his retirement on the grounds of health problems and replaced the American Charles Fidblon as commander of the schooner Sin Par (ex Beauty), departing for a two-month cruise during which he captured 13 ships. . On October 26 he started a third cruise, capturing six enemy ships, in one of which there was a riot.

He returned to Buenos Aires on January 11, 1828 and his ship was auctioned by the owners, acquiring the state that incorporated him into the squadron with the Federal name.

On April 22, 1828 he rejoined the service with the rank of captain and under the command of the federal schooner brig, departed in corso with the schooner Sarandi (Andrew Chalmers) under the joint command of Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Bynnon.

King had captured several ships when the war ended on August 27, 1828. Juan King was discharged from the Republican Navy (or Argentina) at the end of that year, after which he worked as a pilot of the Rio de la Plata . In 1830, Brigantine Esperanza made trips to Carmen de Patagones and in 1832 he made a trip to New York. On August 8, 1833, he sailed back to the American frigate Brutus. On May 21, 1837 was in Concordia (schooner Picturesque), on July 11 (Luisa packet) and December 12 (gulet packet Lightning) in Montevideo, as on February 1, 1838, on April 8 and on May 1 of that year (Euphrasia packet).

Replica of Brown’s saber.

At the beginning of 1840 he was reincorporated at the request of Admiral Brown who, on behalf of Juan Manuel de Rosas, organized a squadron to face that of the Banda Oriental.
On November 21, 1840, Juan King was promoted to Sergeant Major and assumed command of the schooner brig Vigilante but could not join the squad when he fell ill.

Started the naval campaign of 1841 (Great War), on February 3, 1841 was named commander of the frigate May 25, with which he took part in the victory against Juan H. Coe in the battle of Montevideo of 9 of December of 1841 and of the 21 of that same month. Admiral Brown handed him his saber, which he had received in 1826 from Commander Robert Ramsay of the Royal Navy. [Footnote 3]

In 1842 he remained in command of May 25 with the squadron that operated against Montevideo. By 1843 he was ill but he also participated in the blockade. He returned to Buenos Aires in April transferring the command to Captain John Guard, who died on board during the month of May being replaced by Sergeant Major Santiago Maurice.

In February 1844 he returned to the command but on April 9 he was replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Nicolás Jorge. In October he returned to the operations of the squadron under the command of the brigantress Restaurador Rosas. But in November he was already incorporated into the squad’s staff and at the end of that year Brown decided to disembark him because of the seriousness of his illness.

He reported to the Navy General Command between 1850 and March 2, 1852. After the battle of Caseros he was discharged. Reincorporated some time later, Juan King was hospitalized in 1857 at the Convalescence and on April 29 at the Men’s Hospital. He died in Buenos Aires on August 22, 1857 – although other biographical data indicate that he died on August 25, 1857 – [Note 4] [Note 1] being buried in the Recoleta Cemetery. In the death certificate of Dr. Francisco de Paula Rivero, director of the Men’s Hospital, it is stated that he died of rheumatism (possibly rheumatic fever).

His widow Sara MacGaw and her children were left in poverty, so she dedicated herself to teaching and became a school principal. She never required any pension or aid until July 1874, when she was 69 years old and losing her sight and could no longer work: “This is the reason why she puts this helpless old woman in the case, to come and implore the humble pension as a widow of a faithful servant, who ended his days in misery, leaving no other inheritance to his orphans, than the glorious sword that the first seaman of the Nation presented to his bravery. “

Two ships of the Argentine Navy received their name in tribute, the barreminas King [Note 5] and the patrol boat ARA King. [Note 6]

A street of Parque Centenario (a few blocks from the Naval Hospital) in the city of Buenos Aires bears his name, as well as others in the La Matanza party and Almirante Brown. In his hometown there is a plaque in his memory on a bridge that crosses the Black Oak River.

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