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Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti (in télugu: జిడ్డు కృష్ణమూర్తి) or J. Krishnamurti (Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, India, May 12, 1895-Ojai, California, United States, February 17, 1986) He was a well-known writer and speaker in philosophical and spiritual matters. Its main themes included the psychological revolution, the purpose of meditation, human relations, the nature of the mind and how to bring about a positive change in the global society.

Krishnamurti was born in the city of Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, in colonial India, and was discovered in 1909, when he was still a teenager, by Charles Webster Leadbeater on the private beaches of the center of the Theosophical Society of Adyar in Madras, India. He was later adopted and raised under the tutelage of Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater within the Theosophical Society, who saw in him a possible Spiritual Leader. However, he refused to be the messiah of a new creed, until in 1929 he dissolved the order created for that purpose, claiming to have no nationality, nor to belong to any religion, social class, or philosophical thought. He spent the rest of his life as a lecturer and teacher traveling the world and teaching about the human mind, both large and small groups and creating their own foundations. He was the author of several books, including The First Freedom and Last Freedom, The Only Revolution and The Notes of Krishnamurti. At the age of 90 he gave a conference at the UN on peace and conscience, and received the UN Peace Medal in 1984. His last conference was given a month before his death in 1986.

Paradoxically, his followers founded several schools, in India, England and the United States; and translated many of their speeches into several languages, publishing them as philosophical books.

These schools (some of them elementary level in India and middle level in England) were founded during Krishnamurti’s life, with his approval, direction and support; In addition, he constantly visited them. Maintained correspondence with them periodically. These instructions were published by editorial Edhasa (Spain) with the name of “Letters to schools” (In two volumes). Every year the lectures of the previous year during Krishnamurti’s life were published. According to his biographer (Mary Lutyens) he himself reviewed the writings before they were published. The first books were published as “verbatim report” or “Talks by Krishnamurti year …” without a specific title. Years later the editors put fantasy titles like First and Last Freedom, etc. There are a dozen books that were written (or dictated to a recorder when his pulse deteriorated over the years) among which is not First and Last Freedom that consists of a collection of pieces of his lectures. In addition to the aforementioned Letters to the Schools, were written in his own handwriting “Comments on living” (three volumes) and the diaries in three volumes.

Jiddu_Krishnamurti’s Biography


Jiddu Krishnamurti came from a Telugu family of Brahminical line. He was born on May 12 in a small town 250 kilometers north of Madras. “As the eighth child, he was named according to the Hindu Orthodox tradition, in honor of Sri Krishna who had been an eighth child.”

His father, Jiddu Narianiah, a graduate of the University of Madras and an employee of the English revenue department, became the district’s income collector and magistrate. His parents, strict vegetarians, were second cousins. Of the eleven children who had only six survived childhood.


In 1903, his family moved to Kadapa and Krishnamurti sick with malaria, a disease that would bring him after-effects for many years. In 1904, his older sister dies, at the age of 20 years. In his memoirs, he describes his mother as “to some extent psychic”; and how she saw and talked with her dead daughter. Krishnamurti also manifests talking with his dead sister on several occasions. In December of 1905, his mother, Jiddu Sanjeevamma, dies in Kadapa, when Krishnamurti was 10 years old. Krishnamurti says: “I can say that I saw my mother after she died” (Lutyens, p 5)

“Narianiah, despite being an Orthodox Brahamanico, became a member of the Theosophical Society in 1906 (Theosophy embraces all religions):” (Lutyens, p 7). All this happens while Helena Blavatsky was the leader of the movement in India. Narianiah retires at the end of 1907 and writes to Annie Besant, recommending himself as a 260-acre guardian that the company owns in the state of Adyar. He had four sons and Annie Besant thought they could distract their labors. He continues to make requests until he was accepted as an assistant to the Secretary of the Esoteric Section. His family, including himself, his four children and a nephew, moved on January 23, 1909. Months later, Krishnamurti was discovered by Charles Webster Leadbeater, who believed it was the expected vehicle.

Influence of Leadbeater

This discovery creates some problems with Hubert van Hook (b 1896), son of Dr. Weller van Hook, a Chicago surgeon, and the General Secretary of the United States Theosophical Society. Hubert was also chosen by Charles Webster Leadbeater and was taken to India for special training. When they found Krishnamurti, Hubert was pushed aside. (Lutyens, p 12)

Leadbeater had a reputation for being too often accompanied by teenagers. Fact that was vehemently denied by Annie Besant. The gossip ended in scandal in 1906 and Leadbeater had to leave the Theosophical Society. Later he was reinstated by vote. (Lutyens, p 15)

Hubert and Mrs. Van Hook, his mother, also arrived in Adyar and settled there for some time.

Separation of the father

Krishna, or Krishnaji, as he was known, and his brother Nitya were educated by the Theosophical Society. Later they were taken to England to complete their education. His father, driven by the affection he felt towards him, disputed the custody of his son. As a result of this lawsuit, he was separated from the position in society. Krishna and his brother continued to travel the world.

The process

In 1922 he had a great turnaround. That year he travels with his brother Nitya to the United States, to a property of the organization located near Santa Barbara, California. There “Krishnamurti was going to immerse himself in the intense spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life”.

This spiritual awakening is witnessed and witnessed by Nitya, who describes that his brother suffered severe pain, fainted, called his mother in the native language, asked to be taken to the Indian forest and spoke of the presence of powerful beings . Nitya states that a clearing of Krishnamurti’s consciousness was evident, along with moments when he felt a great presence.

“On August 17 I felt a sharp pain at the base of my neck and I had to reduce my meditation to fifteen minutes.The pain, instead of improving as I had expected, worsened.The climax was reached on the 19th. I could not think, I could not do anything, and my friends forced me to stay in bed, and then I was almost unconscious, although I realized very well what was going on around me, coming back to me daily around noon. day, while I was in such a state and more aware of the things that surrounded me, I had the first and most extraordinary experience.There was a man repairing the road, that man was myself, I was the peak that he held, the same stone that He was breaking it was part of me, the tender blade of grass was my own being and the tree next to the man was I. I could almost feel and think like the man repairing the road, I could feel the wind passing through the tree, and the little ant on the hojit The grass, the birds, the dust, and the noise itself were part of me. Just then a car passed a certain distance; I was the driver, the machine and the tires. As the car pulled away, I also moved away from myself. I was in all things or, rather, all things were in me, the inanimate as the animate, the mountains, the worm and every living thing, “Krishnamurti will describe later.

Towards the end of his terrible pains, he claims to have had visions of the Buddha, Maitreya and other masters of the hidden hierarchy, as Nitya assured in a letter to Annie Besant.

“Krishna’s process has now taken a definite step forward, the other night (…) we all felt a great power attack in the house, (…) Krishna saw the Lord and the Master; He also saw the Star shining out that night, because all of us experienced an intense sense of reverent fear (…) Then Krishnamurti told me that the current started as usual at the base of his spine and reached the back base of his neck, then one part went to the left side and the other to the right side of the head, and finally they were both in the forehead, When they met, a flame arose from their forehead, that is the naked summary of what happened; none of us knows what that means, but the power was so immense that night, which seems to point to a definitive stage, I presume it should mean the opening of the third eye. “

As a future instructor of the world, he kept a travel agenda for different countries, particularly linked to the conventions of the Theosophical Society. In these activities, he was accompanied by his brother. However, fate did not want to give him peace; On November 13, 1925, in the middle of a storm, the death of Nitya came.

Krishnamurti was destroyed; He sobbed, moaned and cried aloud for his brother. With his dead mother, exiled from his father and other brothers whom he had never seen again, his little Nitya had been his only family and his beloved companion.

But it was not just that the source of his despair. He had also placed his brother’s life in the hands of the great spiritual masters Maitreya and the Buddha, whom he considered to have direct access through esoteric practices with Mrs. Besant and Mr. Leadbeater. Moreover, they themselves, who also claimed to have access to these spirit planes, had assigned Nitya to a companion role in the journey of the future Messiah.

All this makes crumble like a house of cards his beliefs of access to the predictions of future events, and about the own messianic destiny that had assigned him the Theosophical Society. His faith in the masters and in the hidden hierarchy experiences a total revolution at that moment.

“Create a new world”

Below is part of a text taken from a Krishnamurti diary entitled “The Book of Life”, [citation required] which largely summarizes the motive that mainly impelled Krishnamurti to spread his message all over the world: the desire to liberate man and the world.

If we are to create a new world, a new civilization, a new art, not contaminated by tradition, fear, ambitions, if we are to create together a new society in which there is no “you” and “I”, if not ours, does not there have to be a mind that is completely anonymous and, therefore, is creatively alone? This implies, is not it? That there must be a rebellion against conformism, against respectability, because respectable man is mediocre man, because he always wants something; because your happiness depends on the influence, or what your neighbor thinks, your guru, what the Bhagavad Gita says or the Upanishads or the Bible or Christ. Your mind is never alone. That man never walks alone, but always does it with a companion, the companion of his ideas. Is it not, perhaps, important to discover, to see the full meaning of interference, of influence, to see the affirmation of the “I”, which is the opposite of the anonymous? Seeing all this, the question inevitably arises: Is it possible to immediately originate this state of mind free of influences, which can not be affected by your own experience or by the experience of others, that state of mind incorruptible, alone? Only then is it possible to create a different world, a different culture and society where happiness can exist.

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