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Coat of arms

Motto: “Out of Many, One People”

  • “Jamaica, Land We Love”

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    Royal anthem: “God Save the Queen

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and largest city
17°59′N 76°48′W / 17.983°N 76.800°W / 17.983; -76.800
Official languages English
National language Jamaican Patois (de facto)
Ethnic groups (2011)
  • 92.1% African
  • 6.1% Mixed
  • 0.8% Indian
  • 0.4% Other
  • 0.7% Unspecified
  • 68.9% Christian
  • 1.1% Rastafarian
  • 6.5% Other
  • 2.3% Not stated
  • 21.3% None
Demonym Jamaican
Government Unitary parliamentary representative democracy under constitutional monarchy
• Monarch Elizabeth II
• Governor-General Patrick Allen
• Prime Minister Andrew Holness
Legislature Parliament
• Upper house Senate
• Lower house House of Representatives
Independence from the United Kingdom
• Granted 6 August 1962
• Total 10,991 km2 (4,244 sq mi) (160th)
• Water (%) 1.5
• 2016 estimate 2,881,355 (139th)
• Density 268/km2 (694.1/sq mi) (49th)
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
• Total $26.446 billion (2017)
• Per capita $9,297
GDP (nominal) 2017 estimate
• Total $14.556 billion
• Per capita $5,117
Gini (2004) 45.5
medium · 84th[6]
HDI (2014)  0.719[7] high · 99th
Currency Jamaican dollar (JMD)
Time zone (UTC-5)
Drives on the left
Calling code +1-876
+1-658 (Overlay of 876; active in November 2018)
ISO 3166 code JM
Internet TLD .jm

Jamaica Short Bio

Jamaica (in English, Jamaica) is one of the thirteen countries that form the Insular America, Antilles or Islands of the Caribbean Sea, one of the thirty-five of the American continent. Its capital and most populated city is Kingston.

It has 240 km long and a maximum of 80 km km wide, located in the Caribbean Sea. It is 630km from the Central American subcontinent, 150km south of Cuba and 180km km west of the island of Hispaniola, where Haiti and the Dominican Republic are.

It was a Spanish possession known as “Santiago”, between 1494 and 1655 when it was invaded by English troops. Then it became an English possession, and later a British colony, known as “Jamaica.” The island achieved its independence on August 6, 1962. With 2.8 million people, it is the third most populous English-speaking country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. It is part of the Commonwealth of Nations (in English: Commonwealth of Nations); in accordance with the system of constitutional monarchy. The executive power is held by Queen Elizabeth II who in turn becomes the current Head of State and Queen of Jamaica.

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