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Irene Roberts

Irene_Roberts’s Biography

Irene first came to Summer Bay in 1991 as a bitter, drunk and resentful person, so much so that when she fell off the stairs she accused her daughter Finlay and her son Damien of having pushed her. During this time Damian and Fin were in the care of Pippa Ross and their other son Nathan was in jail.

A year later he returned to Bay and after recovering from his addiction and making peace with his children, he moved with Bobby and Marilyn to the beach house, but after Bobby’s death he decided to buy it and turn it into his home, shortly after Damian moved in with her and Fin got married and moved. After serving his sentence in prison Nathan returned to Bay and rebuilt the relationship with his mother. Irene was pleased by him when Nathan went on a trip with his Irish girlfriend, a nurse he had met at the Northern Districts hospital.

Irene worked hard to gain the trust of all those around her, and it was not long before she became friends with Pippa and Aisla Stewart. For a long time he worked with Aisla and Alf Stewart in the Diner, shortly after he decided to apply for the job of secretary of the school Summer Bay High, however he got the job and managed to cheat Donald Fisher, to whom he put a tape recorder so he would believe He worked but actually did work at home at night. In 2003 he acquired part of the Pier Diner where he works.

Over the course of the years Irene cared for several young people including Selina Cook, Chloe Richards, Nelson, Joey Rainbow, Will Smith, Hayley Smith, Nick Smith, Tasha Andrews and Belle Taylor, each of whom became attached and the They looked like a mother figure, Irene was also for her friends when they were going through difficult situations including Noah Lawson, Steven, Dani and Kirsty Sutherland, Kane Phillips, Jesse, Kim Hyde, Kit Hunter and Robbie Hunter, among others.

In 1997 she became a surrogate mother for her daughter Finlay, who at that time believed that she could not have children, after giving birth to baby Paul, he was kidnapped by the cult leader Saul, after almost a year Irene found him and returned him to his parents Finlay and Barry.

Although she was very loved in Bay, one of her biggest enemies was Diana Frazer, who hated her because her sister-in-law Chloe and her granddaughter Olivia among others loved Irene more than her, so much was her hatred towards Irene. who once tried to get her arrested for “trying” to kill her and then tried to get her drunk so that the locals would think she had relapsed into her addiction, but her plans did not work out. When it seemed that the problems were beginning to dissipate they started when Chloe returned to Bay and died in a car accident and Diana wanted to get Chloe’s tutoring, however Irene determined to enforce Chloe’s wish that Diana not have custody of her daughter, she struggled but lost which left her sad, however it all got better when Olivia’s uncle arrived and announced that Chloe had named him the legal guardian of the little girl, shortly after Olivia and James moved and Irene was happy to see that Chloe’s wishes were being fulfilled.

Irene has had very bad luck in love her husband Murdoch “Mud” Roberts was an adulterer and abusive in their relationship, who after leaving her caused Irene to fall into alcohol. Shortly after Mud returned and asked for a second chance, however, it ended when Irene discovered him beating Selina, shortly after Mud was killed by Dodge. After a relationship with Anthony began a millionaire but the relationship ended when Irene decided that the money was not going to buy her affection.

However he found love in 1999 when Ken Smith, the biological father of his adopted children Will, Hayley and Nick appeared, he and Irene started a relationship, both had overcome their problem with alcoholism and wanted to build a family together, worse the relationship was threatened when Ken’s ex-wife, Eve, appeared and tried to poison Irene because she believed that Irene was stealing her family. However Eve was confined in a psychiatric hospital and Ken and Irene continued together, shortly after Ken began to work hard to get enough money for the wedding but unfortunately died in 2000 when a car fell on him, which left Irene devastated.

In 2002 he left with the young Paris Burnett but when he returned to Bay in 2003 to be closer to Irene, Nick began to get into their relationship which caused Paris to leave for a while, when he offered Moving with her, Irene rejected him and the relationship ended. In 2003 the sparks began to fly with the arrival of Barry Hyde, after his fault he lost his job in school, however both became friends and then began to leave, however the relationship ended when Barry was found guilty of a double homicide and left Bay to face his trial.

Shortly after in 2005 after participating in a trial, he returned to Bay and very soon began to feel bad, with severe headaches, paranoia and acting strangely, Irene began to suspect that she was being poisoned and when She pointed out to the new officer Corey Henderson, nobody believed her, Hayley scared for her behavior, she looked for Barry’s help and interned her, shortly after they discovered that Corey was poisoning her with mercury, as she blamed all the jurors where Irene had participated. the death of his father, who committed suicide in jail after being found guilty, after imprisoning him Irene began to recover.

In 2008 Irene became co-owner of the Diner and teamed up with Roman Harris, but when the building collapsed during an earthquake both joined Leah Patterson – Baker and along with Roman began directing the new Diner.

Shortly after he took custody of Oliver, an adorable sick child, but when he wanted to become his legal guardian he discovered that Oliver was the son of the fugitives Kirsty and Kane Phillips, when Kane visited Irene and asked him to stay with her. Oliver decided to talk to Kirsty first. When she talked to her, she realized that she did not want to leave her son and that she was tired of running away, but things got out of hand when Kane was arrested and they accused Irene of co-operation. Conspiring, however everything was clarified when Kane reached an agreement. Irene became the confidant of Belle Taylor and took over Geoff and Annie Campbell, when Belle died Irene was devastated.

In 2009, she began a new relationship with local supplier Lou De Bono, after she helped her with cooking during the Colleen Stewart’s quick dating event. Both began to leave and soon after decided to go on a boat trip, however, during the trip the officer Angelo Rosetta was called to investigate a ship adrift, when he got on the ship he heard a shot and when he managed to enter he was amazed to see Irene was on board and armed, Angelo arrested her and during the interrogation Irene told her that Lou had disappeared in the middle of the night and that she was terrified, at the beginning Angelo did not believe her and locked her up for shooting an officer, but when evidence was found that pointed out that Lou had died Irene was accused of his murder.

However, in 2010 it was discovered that the real culprit in Lou’s death was Hugo Austin. Later Irene is delighted when Will Smith, one of his adopted children returns to the bay with his daughter, Lily and they move in with her, however they leave when Will is arrested for the murder of Penn Graham in self-defense and Lily mute with your mom.

Shortly after in 2011 Gypsy Nash returns to the bay with Lily when they discover that Irene has cancer, both move in with her for a while to help her and later leave.

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