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Gylve Fenris Nagell (Kolbotn, Norway, November 28, 1971), better known as Fenriz , is the drummer and founder of the black metal band Darkthrone.

Fenriz’s Biography

Gylve’s first experience with heavy metal was at age 3, when his uncle gave him the Uriah Heep Sweet Freedom album for his birthday. Then he became interested in groups like The Doors and Metallica.

Darkthrone was created as a death metal band with the name of Black Death in 1986, with which they recorded two demos and of which Fenriz was the vocalist and drummer. At that time, Fenriz was also part of a black / doom metal band called Valhall, which he rehearsed in his basement. Fenriz has stated that he had a great interest in Bathory in 1986, but claims that he did not understand the “darkness” of black metal until listening to Evil by Mercyful Fate (he gives the same credit to a song by the Hungarian band Tormentor in 1989). That same year Fenriz leaves of side Valhall (although it continues recording the tracks of battery in its discs) with the purpose of concentrating in Darkthrone. He also started a solo project black folk (Norwegian) metal entitled Isengard (name taken from The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien). For Darkthrone it was a band that opposed stylistic progression and change. Only Fenriz’s environmental project called Neptune Towers served as an example of his varied musical tastes. It was followed by another excellent contribution in Norway’s folk metal scene: Storm, which he formed with Satyr (Satyricon) and singer Kari Rueslåtten (The Third & the Mortal). Unfortunately this project would end with their only album (Nordavind) because Fenriz and Satyr did not respect Kari’s request about not putting extreme and / or anti-Christian messages on the album.

Fenriz was married to Tanja “Nachthexe” Stene (cartoonist responsible for some album covers of Burzum and Ulver and writer of the book “The Ancient Fires of Midgard”).

It is known that Fenriz and Varg Vikernes maintain a solid friendship from an early age. As an anecdote, Fenriz placed a .357 Magnum charge on Varg’s forehead and accused him of calling him fat. One or two years later (in 1988, approximately) they would have formed their first band ‘Kalashnikov’ together with another subject of unknown name and in which Fenriz would last very little for wanting to devote full time to Darkthrone. Vikernes has always spoken well of Fenriz and has said on more than one occasion the respect and appreciation he has for him; he has said in old interviews “Fenriz is my friend and brother, that’s why I collaborated by giving him some lyrics, he’s an authentic Nordic antidrorist pagan, that’s why he will always have my respect”. the lyrics that Varg yielded to Fenriz were for the albums “Transilvanian Hunger” and “Panzerfaust”, respectively, in addition to assigning him the song “Ea, Lord of the Depths” for the compilation made by Fenriz “Fenriz Presents … The Best of Old-School Black Metal “, Fenriz has said about it:” The coldness of Norway, intense feelings at its best, I’ve even tried this song with Varg on more than one occasion, when I was looking around for drummers, apparently , Varg only played the drums a bit before this first album was recorded, and I personally am very happy about that, because my point of view stands out a bit that the essence of Black Metal is not musical mastery, in attitude, and Burzum is one of the most important acts in this game.This is the kind of primitive sound and excellent atmosphere that even nightmares have never done. “

Fenriz says he is apolitical and is not in favor of the events that occurred in the early 1990s in the black metal scene that was beginning to develop in Norway. In an interview, Fenriz said he was against the book Lords of Chaos, comparing his hype to Oprah. Fenriz prefers to keep Darkthrone out of the spotlight, in late 2004 he turned down a nomination for a Norwegian “Alarm Award”. He claimed that Darkthrone “had no interest in being part of the boom and the show side of the music industry.” Fenriz is known for his refusal to play live and his lack of interest in music as a business. Fenriz is one of the coordinating characters in the film / documentary about black metal entitled “Until the Light Takes Us” (2009).

Fenriz currently lives in Oslo, and has a record tag with Nocturno Cult called Tyrant Syndicate Productions, which is a sub-label of Peaceville Records (in which Darkthrone signs). At the end of 2004, Fenriz published a compilation album through Peaceville titled Fenriz Presents … The Best of Old-School Black Metal, which includes selected songs by such influential artists as Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Burzum, and Bathory. Since 2005 Fenriz and Nocturno Cult got a portable studio in which they record on their own the new compositions for Darkthrone. In 2009 the EP of the band Thrash metal / Crust Fuck You All is released in limited editions in which Fenriz appears as a bassist. In this same year Fenriz returns to work on a Doom metal project “Fenriz Red Planet” in which he uses influences from bands of the 70/80 such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram (Us), Candlemass and Trouble (Us), the project was officially started in 1989, but it was not until 4 years later in 1993 that he recorded three songs in which Fenriz plays all the instruments, and it was by conviction of Nattefrost that he was encouraged to record seriously with the project and thus came to light the Split “Engangsgrill”. In this same year Fenriz published two compilations for the blog on the internet of the magazine “Vice” of Spain (the same as Dj V.K.O.M.) the first titled A Fist in the Face of God Presents Fenriz Aka Dj V.K.O.M. Trapped Under Vice Vol.I in which shows a selection of Death / Thrash metal bands “occultists” according to words of the same fenriz, which includes bands from places as varied as are the South American Pentagram of Chile or the Vulcano of Brazil. And the second compilation entitled the same name as the first … Trapped Under Vice Vol.II takes us to the years ’68 and ’78 and puts us in front of classic rock bands blues and progressive with all the power and style of bands like Caravan , Lucifer’s Friend, Sir Lord Baltimore, Scorpion and Black Oak Arcansas. In 2010 comes a third and fourth compilation this last in the company of Sindre Solem of the band Obliteration; “Trapped Under Vice Vol.III” in which Fenriz shows us a selection of punk / metal bands and that he used to listen to in the ’80s and that in his opinion fit the style, and “Trapped Under Vice Vol.IV” with metal classics with the great Egypt of the disappeared and longed for God.

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