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Øystein Aarseth / øʏstɛɪn ɔʂət / (March 22, 1968 – August 10, 1993), better known as Euronymous, was the guitarist of the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem and owner of the record Deathlike Silence. He also owned the record store “Helvete” (“hell” in Norwegian) in Oslo. According to Guitar World magazine, Øystein Aarseth is ranked 51st among the best metal guitarists in history.

Euronymous’s Biography

Aarseth was born in Oslo, the capital of Norway, on March 22, 1968 and joined Mayhem in 1984. At that time he called himself “Destroyer”. When he joined Mayhem (which at that time consisted of Necrobutcher as a bassist and Manheim as a drummer) he changed his name to Euronymous, which according to Aarseth himself means “Prince of Death” in Greek, however, it does not have a good etymology built It seems that a Greek demon called Euronymous is mentioned in the so-called Satanic Bible, however, Aarserth despised Anton LaVey (the writer of this “Satanic Bible”), so it is unlikely that he would take the name from there.

The name Euronymous possibly comes from the song “Triumph of Death” by the Hellhammer group, which mentions the phrase “Euronymous sends his souls, buried by horrible mistakes” (Euronymous sends his souls, buried by horrible errors), since most pseudonyms of the other components also took their pseudonyms from this group: (Messiah and Maniac) are names of Hellhammer songs, which shows the great influence he had (along with Venom, Bathory and Sodom) in his music. < / p>

He was also a guitarist for Checker Patrol, a band that combined black with thrash metal, with members of the German band Assassin.


Helvete was a store owned by Euronymous in the early 1990s located on Schweigaards street in Oslo. Its meaning in Norwegian is “hell”. It was a very important site for black metal fans in Norway and Scandinavia. There Euronymous became friends with them. The store had a basement, where later members of the Inner Circle would meet. The store was closed in 1993, a few months before the murder of its owner.

At the end of the 1980s Euronymous founded his own record based on a song (“Deathlike Silence” by Sodom, released in 1986 on the album “Obsessed by Cruelty”). At first Euronymous would only want to sign with Norwegian bands from the same music scene. Later it allowed the entrance to foreign bands like Abruptum and Merciless, of Sweden; or Sigh, from Japan.


In 1993 Øystein Aarseth was stabbed by Varg Vikernes (who called himself “Count Grishnackh”), architect of Burzum. According to the official report, he was stabbed 23 times: twice in the head, 5 times in the neck and 16 times in the back. Anyway Vikernes denies this, saying that Aarseth fell on broken glass while running, which may explain the considerable amount of injuries. Vikernes clarifies that what he did partially in self-defense and under a supposed threat of death.

Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison for burning old churches (some with seventeenth century crafts) and for the murder of Aarseth. He was placed on probation on May 24, 2009, after 16 years in prison, having served the longest sentence in the history of modern Norway.

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